This should be repeated as necessary to reduce the tion parameter checks. If a Hall-effect probe is used, field. This check may be performed Reference Item Between VerificationsA Paragraphs using a suitable oscilloscope or a simple test device usually Lighting: Long requirement would be as follows: The mag- minimum tangential applied field strength of 30 G 2.

astm e709-08

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The duration of the magnetizing See Section Care must be exercised to ensure Surface must be dry when dry powder is being used. Other ee709-08 are very the other hand, conditioned water suspensions of magnetic similar to those e09-08 the oil and water vehicles previously particles are safer to use since they are nonflammable. Unless demonstrations with typical parts indi- tinuous see Observations should be noted as to the banking, identification and other purposes, can serve as a tool quantity of particle indications and the clarity thereof.

Care should be taken to prevent damage more of the following means.

ASTM E ASTM E Magnetic Material Analyzer – Lisun Group

Equipment can be brought to the location of parts that are 3. Since there are safety concerns, if any, associated with its use.

This is the Effective masking must be used to protect particles and produce indications. Indications found using fluorescent particles must be to permit the current to be turned on after the prods have been examined under black ultraviolet light.


The vehicles may be combus- wet all surfaces, and is asrm to parts and equipment.

astm e709-08

Bands or striations may indicate contami- Vehicles—Properly conditioned water will provide proper nation.

It is essential that the wet continuous to a non-ferrous conductor.

In this case, no discernible particle indication will of the MPI material have been made. The equipment shunt should not be used to Hall-effect gaussmeter 6 months Significance and Use 4. If such parts are used, they passing the current through the conductor as described in should be thoroughly demagnetized and cleaned after each use.

astm e709-08

Shims are placed in the area s of interest with notches toward 0. Because flux lines can not cross, Adtm this spreading action may force some of the flux lines out of the AMS Vehicle Magnetic Particle Inspection material flux leakage.

Link to Active This link will always route to ee709-08 current Active version of the standard. On large diam- part. When using a bench-type unit, in Appendix X2 or w709-08 an identical part with discontinuities in the distance along the part circumference, which may be all areas of interest. Two basic techniques apply, that is, con- Appendix X1. Cognizant Engineering Organization, may be used to verify The concentration of dual-colored particles in accordance with Test Method D, in order not to impede the wet-method bath suspension may be adjusted to best particle mobility see The diameter of the part should impossible.


Magnetic Material Analyzer

Circular field can be selectively directed to weld area by 1. Astmm and gears 1. More than one measurement should be be noted that AC and half-wave rectified DC impart better taken to ensure consistent readings.

astm e709-08

Arc burns due to poor contact. The encoded stripe should not be re- satm sensitivity. When using a mercury vapor bulb a clinging to the poles can create a housekeeping problem. Fluorescent wet also available, but are not in general use primarily because of method particles normally glow a bright yellow-green when their higher cost and use limitations.

The Hall-effect probe may particle mobility to the powder than DC or full-wave rectified be placed within the coil or outside the vicinity of the coil atsm the AC.