MSBT is designed to be an extremely lightweight, efficient, and highly configurable mod that makes it easier to see combat information. Auctionator is designed for casual everyday auction house users. It is highly configurable and you can disable most features of this addon. Deadly Boss Mods Archaeology. Titan Panel [Melee Attack Power].

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SliceCommander is an addon designed to monitor all your rogue feature in PvE. A fairly simple but very configurable mod that adds damage, heals, and carbinite dodge, parry, windfury, etc Fixed warning that version is old. Titan Panel [Tailoring] Provide a Plug-in for the Titan Bar add-on to display profession skill level as both current level and max level.

Gladius adds enemy unit frames to arenas for easier targeting and focusing. Bagnon Scrap Makes all your Scrap to glow in your Bagnon panels. This addon also draws lines connecting 4.3.3 on the world map on mouseover. CCReport A small simple and compact addon that prints a message in party chat letting your party know you’ve been CC’d and in what way. Guild Greet Guild Greet is an addon that keeps track of main and alt characters in your guild and reminds you to greet them and congratulate them on level up.


ATSW is a complete replacement for Blizzards tradeskill window with more overview and special functions. Looking for an addon to measure damage and healing without adversely affecting your gameplay experience? Trade Skill Master Mailing Mailing autosends items based on rules you create to any character you want.

Guilde world of warcraft du serveur paragon 4.

Map – The Carbonite map gives you all the information you need in one easy to use and flexible Google like map. Descargar Carbonite para WoW gratis a tu equipo significa elevar de un plumazo tu experiencia en World of Warcraft a 4.3.33 nivel.

carbonite for wow 4.3 4

4.33.3 a player logs in with old quests still active, Carbonite will show the information that the player needed to complete these.

We got some info from someone who said he had hes issue with the auto muting from Carbonite fixed. OneBank3 is the latest in a long line of bank bag replacements for the default bank bags that will combine all of your bags into one frame. Simple Raid Target Icons Shows a radial menu on various things 1 2 3 4 5. Nug Running Rotational timer addon for all classes. Atlas Major Cabonite Enhanced. Easily find the Addon you are looking for by Choosing a category, Searching by name or change the expansion using the drop down on the right!

Dr Damage DrDamage displays the calculated damage or healing of abilities with talents, gear and buffs included on your actionbar buttons. Trade Skill Master Destroying. Database of FlightMaster locations for HandyNotes.


Trade Skill Master Crafting Crafting automates the process of carbonitw creation. All the one’s I have linked below are for WotLK 3. UI is mostly in English. Only supports shamans of level 85 and above. You can position the frames by dragging the header bar. Mik Scrolling Battle Text MSBT is designed to be an extremely lightweight, efficient, and highly configurable mod that makes it easier to see combat information.

GTFO provides an audible alert when you’re standing in something you’re not supposed to be standing in. Please PM me with which three AddOns are your favourite.

Quest & Leveling – Best WoW Addons

Hope you find some of them useful, find the list below. Atlas Major Cities Enhanced This addon extends the functionality of the addon Atlas, to browse the major city maps with all important non-playing characters NPCs.

Skada for Tanks This is a plugin for Skada that adds information useful for evaluating a tank’s carbinite.