RadioButton A component for displaying a discrete set of selectable items. ComboBox A combo box allowing user to edit input values with the built-in keyboard. I have just discussed new widgets, but there are a lot of other new features in Web 2. Openers take screen sizes into account and can display the next view as a slide-in dialog phone or inside a tooltip dialog tablet Overlay A component that displays a secondary view which partially occludes the original using a slide in transition effect. Slider A control that allows changing a numeric value by touching and dragging a slide handle. FixedSplitterPane Used for the two content areas in a fixed splitter control. Using this approach helps ensure the bare minimum code is used, and loaded as fast as possible.

dojox mobile 1.7

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FixedSplitterPane Used for the two content areas in a fixed splitter control.

This example uses synchronous loading, and loads all of Dojo core. You can specify an animated transition between the views. In this post, I’d like to further expand on the new widgets that are part the Web 2.

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It can display not only simple text but also richer content such as a SpinWheel widget as shown below. It is important, however, to include a few key pieces cojox the page. Typical usage is to create one or more views in a page, and create a round rectangle list, an edge-to-edge list, an icon container, etc. Loading Dojo Mobile using Dojo pre This collection of classes has dojoz architected to be lightweight, flexible, and extendable.


dojox mobile 1.7

It has less dependency even on the dojo and dijit base modules, so many of the base modules can be eliminated at build time. Whereas in Dojo 1. In short, Dojo does the mobil for you! Loading Dojo Mobile using Dojo 1. These widgets work best with webkit-based browsers, such as Safari or Chrome, since webkit-specific CSS3 features are extensively used.

dojox mobile 1.7

Line 16 through Line 22 is the first view. ComboBox A combo box allowing user to edit input values with the built-in keyboard. You can show tooltip on any controls with this Tooltip widget. It contains a heading and a round rectangle list. This tutorial is for Dojo 1.

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When the user taps the “Carrier” item and is shifted to the “General” view or anywhere except the home viewan OS-style “back” button displays in the upper left corner by setting the “back” attribute on the subsequent view’s Heading widget, dojx there’s no need to add a “Back” button within your view.

Line 24 through Line 30 is the second view, which will be shown when you tap on a list item in the first view.

Switch A toggle switch with a sliding knob. When automatic device detection and theme loading is enabled, Dojo Mobile will insert appropriate stylesheet links dynamically into the header, based on user agent sniffing.


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It can contains any controls such as a calendar, SpinWheel widget, etc. You may want to load a different theme instead. All individual community members. Line 6 loads a style sheet for iPhone theme. Above we created one simple view.

A compatibility layer is included for the two iOS devices to provide maximum compatibility between the two. A component that encapsulates the mechanism for displaying secondary views such as dialogs.

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Mobile Safari recognizes this meta tag. Note the custom attributes used within the widgets. The Dojo Mobile package provides a number of widgets that can be used to build moobile applications for mobile devices such as iPhone, Android, or BlackBerry.

dojox mobile 1.7

Remember that all widgets are styled to look like the device’s OS as specified by the stylesheet you provide. The desktop browser compatibility module for non-CSS3 browsers is not used in this example, so it will likely only render properly on webkit-based browsers.