You should have compared them. I downloaded this application as I thought it looked really useful and I am sure it is. He is earnest, accessible and polite. If the app would have done what I wanted, I’d say it’s a great app. Between iTunes and iPhoto, the disk space on our family’s 3 powerbooks runs out in a hurry.

iphoto library manager 3.6.4

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iPhoto Library Manager 4.1.9 – Manage multiple iPhoto libraries.

Will this app help me regularly sync my iPhoto libraries from ,anager external drive to another? I have the pic files on the external hard drive itself.

iphoto library manager 3.6.4

I was surprised about the number of people who manage to “lose access to their photos”. Even if it was free, it would be unnecessary – but it’s not! Ideal for iPhoto library maintenance. The problem is that Dropbox can’t tell the difference between an alias folder and a real folder, so it uploads, syncs and stores images in both folders. I’ve spent hours and hours trying to figure lirbary.

Reply Helpful Thread reply – more options Link to this Post. I then get a message saying something like “the library needs to be upgraded.

iPhoto Library Manager serial number |

You can easily delete thousands of your photos and not realize it until it is too late. Just be sure not to run both versions at the same time — quit version 3 before running version 4 and vice versa. Rather than adopt an inconvenient workflow, I’d rather use ILM. And even better, it allows me to sync different combinations of photos to different devices. And true, press the option key if you still don’t know what is ALT key when launch iPhoto, it will allow you to create new or choose existing library.


Version 4 libarry iPhoto Library Manager libary great! Good app for iPhoto use and library management, would be perfect if it fully handled and De-Duplicated Aperture libraries.

iphoto library manager 3.6.4

I decided to split the one monolithic library up, iphotk used iPLM to copy off the old iPhoto library into the new ones. The console app pops up with about 9 pages of stuff which I fail to understand at all, being a former liberal arts major. If you need to copy between libraries just use iPB or export to a folder on the desktop, restart iPhoto with Option key held down to pick your other library and copy folder that to the iPhoto window.

iphoto library manager 3.6.4

Specifically, new versions of iPhoto store original versions of photos in a folder called Masters, whereas older versions stored them in a folder called Originals. I was so overwhelmed that I avoided using it. I made a new library, selected the library, clicked apply lphoto I later noticed was under settingsselected my old library, clicked apply, and now there’s nothing in either folder.

I’d prefer if the posting default was changed from “Write a Review” with rating to “Write a Comment” without ratingmore accurately reflecting what most of the product feedback here actually is.


Registering lets you use the new photo copying features that have been added with the release of 3. Simply press the “alt” key while launching iPhoto For example, I took 56 pictures this afternoon using my wife’s iPhone.

The new version does. Since the last year or so what I have started doing is editing a folder of photos at a time, exporting them to the Desktop, then importing them into iPhoto and deleting librzry original. Use “comments” posting for these things.

iPhoto Library Manager – Manage multiple iPhoto libraries. | download |AppKed

This is a great piece of software that I am enjoying using. In the absence of ihoto other method and because a rating is required I rated it just to post. There are a number of features in this software, not just multiple libraries. If so, please let me know.

Why didn’t I use Migration Assistant? I moved my iPhoto library across and although all the data seemed to be in the file I found lots of events and pictures missing in iPhoto.